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Partial weight-bearing in rehabilitation

To guarantee a successful operation, the rehabilitation phase is key and the patient significantly contributes to the outcome.


Controlled partial weight-bearing (usually 15-20kg) during rehabilitation cannot take place without constant monitoring whilst walking.

  • The correct weight-bearing is difficult to achieve. 

  • Until now, control was only possible statically with a scale. 

  • Many patients are concerned about overloading. 

  • Too great or too small weight-bearing can result in slower healing and pain. 

  • In extreme cases, the success of the operation is jeopardised and it must be repeated. 

We have made it our aim to protect patients from overloading.

Real-time monitoring

Sens2Go monitors the weight-bearing constantly when walking.


Like a scale in the show, Sens2Go records the weight-bearing and informs the patient of the measurement acoustically and with vibrations. This means that overloading can be avoided.


Sens2Go allows:

  • more safety when walking

  • an optimised treatment program

  • fast healing thanks to activation

  • of the venous return

  • better final results

Sens2Go is very easy to use: If the weight-bearing is correct, a green signal appears; if the weight-bearing is too great, a red signal appears and a warning tone or vibration is given out.


A specific training mode allows for independent use throughout the rehabilitation exercises.


Easy, safe and reliable

Sens2Go is an easy-to-use and reliable device.

Based on statistics, behaviour can be analysed and training adapted.


Sens2Go components

Sens2Go App

The app presents the data on the patient’s smartphone or smartwatch in the form of visual, acoustic and tactile (vibrations) signals. 



The sensor data is evaluated and processes, weight-bearing and steps recorded and sent to the app via Bluetooth. If the weight-bearing is correct, there is a green signal; in the case of overloading, there is a red signal with a warning tone.


Sensor sole

Several sensors measure the weight-bearing during walking.

Feedback for the patient is not just acoustic and visual but also through vibrations. Therefore, the feedback can also be guaranteed in real-time with the use of walking sticks and the weight-bearing can be adjusted immediately.



The sensor sole is divided into several zones and the maximum weight-bearing can be monitored per zone or for the sole as a whole. 


For hallux operations, only the weight-bearing of the forefoot is adjusted as the heel area can withstand an unlimited load. 


Calibration takes place precisely and using a specially-developed measuring method across all weight levels and zones.



The Sens2Go system is compatible with most shoes and orthoses as well as with traditional casts.


  • Lower leg and foot orthoses

  • Foot casts

  • Special shoes

  • Comfortable leisure shoes


Individual adjustment

Sens2Go is installed and adjusted by an orthopedics specialist or by someone from Golex. After use, the device is collected for free (pick@home).


Sens2Go is not just helpful for patients after operations on their lower extremities; it is also used when overloading is to be avoided due to injury or illness.


  • Operation on the hip, knee and foot

  • Injury to the hip, knee and foot

  • Diabetic foot syndrome, Charcot foot

  • Weight-bearing induced foot ulcers, decubitus

  • Neurological disease, polyneuropathy 


Sens2Go monitoring can also be useful in other areas Sens2Go can be used by children with cerebral palsy as a training device at home. You can adjust the weight-bearing on the heel and your reward is a smiley face on the smartphone.


A few words from our customers

Sens2Go is not just recommended by medical specialists but also by patients. 




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